WorkLore is now Leadership Momentum!


WorkLore has now become Leadership Momentum…where we help leaders align and mobilize their organizations to keep their most important commitments — to employees, customers, shareholders and the world.

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2 Responses to WorkLore is now Leadership Momentum!

  1. Karen Nagano says:

    Dear Elizabeth,
    You’ve been so much in my thoughts since we met at the Bernie Sanders event in Vallejo. I enjoyed hearing about your dancing, your work, your ideas. And since then , I have been enjoying reading your articles. Downloaded “Commitments, Disrupted” and am reading it in bits. I also checked out the Fuji Declaration which I signed. Am a bit rushed now and not able to adequately articulate my responses and admiration for what you are doing. Just want to touch base to let you know that the resonance of our meeting continues and that I feel happy and relieved that you are in the world doing the work you’re doing. Would love to keep in touch.
    Sincerely, Karen Nagano

    • Hello, Karen –
      Thank you so much for taking time to connect after our conversation!
      I am so glad you have enjoyed the working paper and got involved in the Fuji Declaration.
      Those type of conversations are so encouraging — I really enjoyed meeting you and your husband, and knowing you are doing are your artwork.
      I have added you to my update list, so I will send you occasional announcements and other reading about once a month.
      Thank you for staying in touch,

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