From Our Clients

Here are a few selected comments from clients and colleagues:

From Senior Executives

“The results have been impressive! The concepts taught are now part of our everyday language… thank you for your impact!” – Molly Scholes, Skillsoft

“Thank you for such a thought-provoking presentation on a powerful subject!”   — Robyn Kautz, Business Ethics Network

goins.michele“[Elizabeth] is an incredibly energetic leader and an inspiration to be around. Her work has been incredibly influential in my thinking about leadership and the opportunity to energize and mobilize people toward their goals.”
–Michele Goins, former CIO, Juniper Networks


RoyShapiro_Ent6553“Elizabeth’s work has had a profound impact on me and my work.”          — Roy D. Shapiro, Phillip Caldwell Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School


susanHollingshead“Through Elizabeth’s work… we saw what had begun as an extremely discouraging downward spiral turned into a very product upward spiral.”
— Susan Hollingshead, Chief People Officer, Sungevity



joe Durzo_3b60379“Elizabeth Doty has a phenomenal ability to structure chaotic, messy problems in a way that surfaces opportunity.” — Joe Durzo, Executive Vice President, Energie Lighting


THS in Clorox Office“[The upward spiral approach] pointed us to higher-order opportunities and helped the organization to link activities that, on the surface, seemed to be unconnected. Best of all we were able to use the upward spiral in conjunction with other employee engagement models, tools, and survey instruments.”  — Todd Slingsby, Risk Management Solutions

From Program Participants

“That offsite was the turning point. I’ve been here eleven years and it was only after that offsite that we started acting as a team.” — Team offsite participant

“Excellent promise and good use of positive energy!” — Leadership program participant

“[The program helped me] understand organizational dynamics and the influence of values.” Leadership program participant

From Executive Coaching Clients

“The coaching process helped me clarify patterns in my life, what was driving them and how they connected.  The work helped me uncover important learnings which allowed me to move forward in both my personal and professional life.”  –Executive coaching client

“I have been working with Elizabeth Doty as a business coach for the past several years.  Her ability to grasp our central value proposition has helped me think about my business in a way that allows for accelerated growth and integrity in fulfilling our core competencies.” –Executive coaching client




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