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SB_00267_thumb2_220x244Does Your Company Keep its Promises? Despite best intentions, many businesses struggle with “commitment drift.” (Elizabeth Doty, Strategy + Business, July, 2014)

Commitments, Disrupted: Understanding and Addressing Commitment Drift in For-Profit Enterprises. (Working Paper through the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard, with Maryam Kouchaki, Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, May, 2015)

 Additional Articles & Blog Posts

Why Leaders Who Listen Achieve Breakthroughs:True two-way conversation can break the cycle of ineffective communication. (Elizabeth Doty, Strategy + Business, March, 2016)

Dysfunctional Momentum Can Undermine Company Values: Five principles from high-reliability organizing can help you avoid a downward spiral.(Elizabeth Doty, Strategy + Business, February, 2015)

Why Acting as One Company Isn’t Easy: Firms that want to unite far-flung units often struggle to get employees to collaborate.(Elizabeth Doty, Strategy + Business, December, 2015)

Finding the “Herbie” in Your Change Initiative: Eli Goldratt’s theory of constraints can help leaders better pace and sequence change management programs.(Elizabeth Doty, Strategy + Business, October, 2015)

Why Leaders Need to Ask, “Is that a Promise?”: Requesting clearer commitments can mobilize teams and lead to better execution.(Elizabeth Doty, Strategy + Business, July, 2015)

Leading Teams through Change at the Speed of Business: How to guide your team amid uncertainty, without losing momentum.(Elizabeth Doty, Strategy + Business, May, 2015)

Learning from the Persuasive Genius of Great Leaders: The art of framing is an essential skill for executives who want to motivate and inspire. (Elizabeth Doty, Strategy + Business, April, 2015)

Five Ways to Reverse the Downward Spiral of Distrust: How to shift negative momentum in working relationships. (Elizabeth Doty, Strategy + Business, Feb, 2015)

Integrity is Free: For businesses that keep their promises, there are often invaluable hidden benefits. (Elizabeth Doty, Strategy + Business, Dec, 2014)

Why Leaving Goldman Sachs Breaks the Rules of the Game (Elizabeth Doty, Yes! Magazine, Mar, 2012)

The Upward Spiral: Bootstrapping Systemic Change (Elizabeth Doty, The Systems Thinker, 2011)

The Compromise Trap (Interview with Zane Safrit, Feb, 2011)

Stick to Your Convictions (Steve Watkins, Investor’s Business Daily, Aug, 2010)

Tools & Activities

Please ask us about our new Commitment Tools, including Key Commitments template, elements of a Strong Commitment, and how to host a Commitment Review.

Podcasts & Video

An Introduction to the Upward Spiral (Elizabeth Doty, YouTube video)

Introduction to The Compromise Trap





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