Group Facilitation

At Leadership Momentum, we know the power of high-engagement conversations. We design and facilitate highly interactive, dynamic sessions that
engage participants in learning from past experiences, designing solutions, and making the commitments that mobilize action.

We have found the key is finding the questions that will engage the group’s creativity at the right level.  Once we know where to focus, we can design highly relevant sessions that enable participants to do real work while they are building relationships and shared commitment. We draw on a variety of methods, including The World Café, Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry, and collaborative problem-solving activities, so groups are able to leverage the full insight and knowledge of the people in the room.

The process begins with a review of your desired outcomes and challenges. We then create a draft design for your review, drawing on your internal leadership frameworks, our Mutual Commitment Process and the methods above.

Mutual Commitment Process6

Once we are in the room, we are flexible and adaptive, adjusting the design to speed up where there is alignment, and deepen our approach to areas that need more exploration or dialogue.

We would welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you achieve your goals. To take the next step, please contact us, or choose Follow via Email to the right.

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