Cross-team Alignment

In many cases, breaking down silos has a greater impact on results than improvements within a single team. This is because uncoordinated interactions with customers, employees or other stakeholders can undermine your value-proposition, convey contradictory messages and erode trust. Even worse, companies that operate in silos “don’t know what they don’t know” about the overall experience of their customers.

Our Cross-team Alignment Customer_Teams3Sessions are designed to strengthen coordination between teams that serve the same customers. Drawing on a variety of methods, including Communities of Practice, Open Space, process improvement and design-thinking, we help groups see the bigger picture, design practical solutions and agree on the mutual commitments that will enable them to coordinate and execute going forward.

These dynamic sessions apply the Mutual Commitment Process between teams, leveraging experience-sharing, visioning and mutual commitments between teams to generate collaborative discussion, breakthrough solutions and reliable execution.Mutual Commitment Process6

Afterwards, we support execution with Focusing Tools and regular Commitment Reviews involving all key stakeholders.

Once teams are aligned on a basic level with each other, they are ready to explore and make mutual commitments together with their customers.




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