Executive Coaching

At the core of our coaching philosophy is a commitment to our client’s success. We focus on understanding and leveraging your strengths to unleash momentum toward your goals. We view ourselves as reflective thought partners, helping leaders transform their effectiveness through two primary approaches.

First, we focus on powerful questions. The right question prompts your own thinking, helping you gain insight into competing commitments, unchallenged assumptions or ways to apply strengths in new ways.  Learning to ask powerful questions yourself can help you build stronger, more collaborative relationships with others.

Second, we help you make stronger commitments and sustain your attention to them over time. We apply the elements of the Mutual Commitment Process on a smaller scale, exploring where stronger commitments could unleash momentum in your personal effectiveness or in your relationships. In addition, we help you adapt your routines to ensure your most critical commitments get creative attention and energy.

The process generally begins with a 360 assessment and an intensive diagnostic session where we review your current goals, challenges and strategies. We then agree on a routine and approach to support you over time.  In addition to one-to-one coaching, we have found that peer-coaching circles can be powerful catalysts for growth.  Here are a few recent coaching engagements:

  • Quarterly peer-coaching among deputy secretaries of education from multiple states
  • Aiding a senior vice president use strong commitments to build trust in a global team
  • Helping 11 of 30 officers in a family business identify their strengths and leverage them during a time of accelerated change

We would welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you achieve your goals. To take the next step, please contact us, or choose Follow via Email to the right.

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