The Compromise Trap

largetiltedtctYou can stay true to yourself…but you need to do more than “just say No”.

Healthy compromise is necessary for accomplishing any meaningful goal with other people. But when your job presses you to betray your word, your principles, or other important commitments, it becomes profoundly unhealthy and deeply stressful. And it can happen even while working for an organization or leader you otherwise respect and admire.

Elizabeth Doty offers a new approach: redefining the game. She shows how you can tap into six personal foundations that will allow you to stay true to your deepest values and aspirations, even under pressure. Through more than fifty vivid firsthand accounts of compromise and courage in business, she provides guidance for anyone who wants to act with greater clarity, strength, and purpose, as well as for senior leaders striving to lead organizations that keep their commitments.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Art Kleiner (editor-in-chief of strategy + business magazine)
Introduction: Seeing with Peripheral Vision
Chapter 1. The Compromise Trap
Chapter 2. A Devil’s Bargain by Degrees
Chapter 3. Ten Misconceptions about Compromise at Work
Chapter 4. How do I Redefine the Game?
Chapter 5. Reconnect to Your Strengths
Chapter 6. See the Larger Field
Chapter 7. Define a Worthy Enough Win
Chapter 8. Find Your Real Team
Chapter 9. Make Positive Plays
Chapter 10. Keep Your Own Score
Chapter 11. Thriving at Work
Chapter 12. It’s Bigger Than a Game

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