About Us

saling man 01At Leadership Momentum, we are dedicated to helping leaders build momentum in their teams, with their peers across functions, and in their customer partnerships. In 25 years of partnering with visionary leaders and teams, we have found that the fastest way to achieve an upward spiral of success is through mutual, reciprocal commitments followed by action.  Yet many capable leaders pay too little attention to making the right commitments, or fail to sustain attention over time.

Leadership Momentum was founded to help you simplify and focus your efforts where they will have the most impact. We provide tools, frameworks and consulting services to help  you and your team, your peers and your customers identify the few key commitments that will create the most value, make the mutual commitments needed to mobilize action, and sustain your progress over time.  In our experience, a few simple changes to how you focus your attention, design opportunities for dialogue, and bring closure to conversations can dramatically improve your effectiveness.

We would welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you achieve your goals. To take the next step, please contact us, or choose Follow via Email to the right.


Leaders find our services have the most impact when they need to:

  • Launch or re-launch a team
  • Improve customer partnerships
  • Align cross-team interactions
  • Ensure execution of a strategic initiative
  • Address breakdowns in engagement, trust and collaboration

We can provide complete programs, or tools and frameworks for you to incorporate into other programs. To learn more, please see Team Alignment, Cross-team Alignment, Customer Partnerships, or Other Services.

What Our Customers Say

Our customers tell us our approach to highlighting commitments and sustaining attention over time has changed their thinking by opening up new strategies for effective action, even amidst complexity and constant change.

To hear what our customers are saying, please see Testimonials.

Our Team

Leadership Momentum is led by Elizabeth Doty, with the support of a remarkable community of thought leaders and expert practitioners in the fields of leadership, employee engagement, customer experience, design thinking, systems thinking, process improvement, conflict, learning and collaborative conversations.

Together, we are able to provide group facilitation, executive coaching, and leadership programs based on our designs or customized to fit with your preferred frameworks.

To learn more, please see Our Team.

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