5 Moments When Saying No May Be Your Best Strategy

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Over the years, I have noticed a pattern with leaders on the rise. Under pressure, it sometimes feels as though they have no choice but to say “yes” — to a request, a strategy, a promotion, or a demand — even when they have serious misgivings. Unfortunately, their gut often turns out to be right. Had they paused to reflect, they would have realized they faced a lose-lose situation, and everyone would likely have been better off if they had said “no.” But how do we recognize those moments when we should pay special attention to our choices?

In this month’s post on strategy + business, I outlined five moments when it is critical to pause and make a considered choice:

1. You are being pushed to make a promise you can’t keep.
2. Something sticks in your craw.
3. You feel you have no choice.
4. The “plan” has taken on a life of its own.
5. You see a dangerous trend in the works.

In each of these situations, it pays off to take a little time to ensure you know as much as possible about your options, what is at stake, and the likely consequences of saying both “yes” and “no.”

To read the full post, please go to: Five Moments When Saying No is Your Best Strategy.

See what you think! As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts or reflections.

All the best,

Elizabeth Doty

About Elizabeth Doty

Elizabeth Doty is a facilitator, author and coach with 25 years’ experience helping leaders mobilize positive momentum through commitment, collaboration and action. She writes and studies about how companies can improve their ability to keep the commitments that attract talent, retain customers, enable execution and build public trust. Her book, The Compromise Trap , helps leaders act with courage and shift the momentum in their organizations.
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